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Window Connection hurricane windows versus hurricane shutters

Hurricanes can be disastrous for people who live within its path, especially when they aren’t prepared. The wisest decision you can make as someone who lives in South Florida is to invest in Impact Windows.

Hurricane Shutters

It is understandable why most homeowners in the past have decided to use hurricane shutters to protect their homes against hurricane winds. Shutters can be relatively inexpensive,  and the investment won’t break the bank. However, are shutters worth breaking your back?

It is important to keep in mind that the installation process can be quite tedious. It is almost impossible to install shutters on your own. This process can be very frustrating, especially when you might be assembling your shutters and having to disassemble them multiple times throughout hurricane season.


Impact Windows

impact windows

Living in South Florida, you are in a hurricane-prone area. An advantage of having Impact Windows is that your home is ready for hurricane-size winds at all times. It provides peace-of-mind, whether you are on vacation or home, you will not have the worry or hassle of having to install hurricane shutters. Impact Windows protect your home up to 200 mph winds. They also protect your property as well as your family from flying debris during the storm. 

If you are worried about the bulkiness or design of Impact Windows, don’t think twice. They are available in an array of designs and are able to be custom designed to suit your home.

Other benefits of Impact Windows are that they can used to improve your home’s energy-efficiency and help prevent unwanted people from breaking into your home.

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