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Energy Efficient Windows, How much can they really save you

It is common knowledge that new replacement windows are accompanied with many benefits. They will save you energy and provide greater comfort within the house. 

How Are These Windows Energy-Efficient?

It is possible that the windows you currently have in your home have aluminum frames. Despite this not sounding like a problem, the issue is that aluminum permits both hot and cold air to flow through from one side to the other. Newer windows typically have a vinyl or fiberglass frame which are poor conductors of heat, allowing for better insulation.

Energy-efficient windows have a gas inserted in-between the panes of glass. The specific gas inserted, could be argon or krypton, is denser than air. This makes it more difficult for air to flow through from side to another. The glass typically is a low-emissivity glass. In other words, it’s as if you are applying sunscreen to your house by installing these windows.

How Can New Windows Save Me Money?

Window Connection’s energy-efficient windows block 99% of UV light. By blocking solar heat, these windows retain the internal temperature of your home and can improve your utility bills. They can withstand Florida’s blazing hot summer months and even South Florida’s chilly winter days.

By replacing your single-pane windows, an average home in the United States could save $126 to $465 a year, according to the EnergyStar program. By replacing your double-pane windows, an average home in the United States could save $27 to $111 a year. In warmer states, such as Florida, the savings are known to be higher.

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